Are you having a joyful Lent?

Are you having a joyful Lent?

Are you having a joyful Lent?  I know.  It’s early, but I am!  How is that possible?  Isn’t Lent supposed to be depressing?  Sackcloth and ashes?  Refraining from the sweets we crave?  Moping around on Friday because meat is forbidden?  Looking dour and pious?

I’ve been Catholic for over half my life and have mostly taken the view that Lent was depressing.  Not this year.  Maybe age has changed my outlook or maybe I’m just tired of the negativity.

This year I’ve decided to spend Lent in gratitude.  Every day I’m grateful for my good health and the good health of my family.  I’m grateful for our music ministry and the church we attend.  I’m grateful for retirement and even Chicago’s weather (which has been pretty good lately)!

I am grateful for my friends especially the ones who have struggled through life’s most awful experiences.  They have shown me true grace under pressure.

Tax time is fast approaching and though this year will be challenging because of the many changes in our financial situation, I’m grateful for that, too.

Despite the threat of the Coronavirus, I’m looking forward to traveling this year.  Unless plans are cancelled, I’m looking forward to a trip of a lifetime.  If that falls through, I’ve got Plan B in the back of my mind, ready to implement.  No, I’m not afraid.

Years ago a friend told me how much she enjoyed Lent.  Huh?  She described it as a joyful preparation to the ultimate joyful event in history:  the Resurrection.

In these tumultuous times, my prayer for you is that your Lent is joyful.  I pray that you are grateful for all that you have and the abilities it gives you.  Spend your Lent in joyful prayer in preparation for the Resurrection and a renewal of faith.


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