Life had gotten noisy for me

Recently, Mary Schmich wrote an article for the Chicago Tribune about the passing of Toni Morrison, the poem “Desiderata,” and going to the zoo.  In Mary’s case, that would be the Lincoln Park Zoo.  I smiled when I read the last part because I had just been there a few days before.

It’s a 20-25 minute  bus ride to the zoo from my house.  I try to go there at least once a year.  This year I had gone twice.  Once to just be outside and see the animals on the north end of the zoo.  The second time to photograph a grammar school friend’s parents’ name on the wall of the underground sea lion exhibit.

After I photographed the names, I headed south, past the zoo to the farm in the zoo and I discovered a whole new world.  I hadn’t been in that section since my children were little.  It’s changed a lot.

Life had gotten noisy for me too, so rediscovering this area of Lincoln Park was the perfect way to reconnect with God.

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