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Seeing Jesus Christ Superstar at the Lyric Opera in Chicago

The first poster we encountered on our arrival to the Lyric Opera House.
The last time I saw Jesus Christ Superstar, it was 1973 and in a movie theater.  I wasn’t Catholic and the only thing that really interested me was the music.  I played that double album more times than probably any album I owned. When the opportunity to see it live at the Lyric Opera House... Read more »

Preparing for my second Bike the Drive 2018

This is the bike I rode last year.  It's a 24 inch Schwinn and I adore it.  Unfortunately it's really heavy and I wanted something more lightweight.
Last year, at the age of 65, I participated in the annual Bike the Drive.  I had planned to do 7 miles (out of the 30), but I surprised myself by completing 15.  I was so happy!  This year, I’m definitely more ambitious and I hope to do all 30 miles! Preparing for my second... Read more »

May is the month we celebrate Mary the Mother of God

My first encounter with Mary after my conversion was this Miraculous Medal.  I found it at a garage sale and she's been with me ever since - 37 years!
May is the month we celebrate Mary, the Mother of God.  During my faith journey, I have been blessed by Our Lady in so many ways.  I always tell people that I “Hail Mary” my way through everything whether it’s a crisis or a moment of joy. Here are some images of Mary that I... Read more »