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How prayer has affected my life and the lives of others

St. Paul's classic statement about prayer.
I’ve spent some time reflecting and praying about the Parkland, Florida shooting.  I see a lot of people criticizing those who pray for the victims and their families or even the person responsible for the tragedy.  Apparently they don’t understand the power of prayer. Christians know that prayer works.  We know and understand that praying... Read more »

I found peace and serenity at St. Peter's in the Loop

The entrance of St. Peter's in the loop on Madison.
On a cold, wintery January morning, I boarded the bus and then the ‘L” and headed downtown where I found peace and serenity at St. Peter’s in the Loop.  I haven’t been to this church in quite a while. When I first converted, I would go to St. Peter’s during my lunch hour.  I would sit... Read more »