What is vulgar?

Scrolling through my Twitter feed, I saw something that I thought was truly vulgar.  I think because it was posted by a young Catholic mom, I was more upset then I would have been if it had been posted by someone else.

Long before my conversion, I had a plaque hanging in my bathroom depicting Tarzan swinging from a vine and Jane swinging from his … You get the idea.  I don’t remember the caption, but I thought it was hilarious.  After my conversion, I threw it out.

Vulgarity, like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  It’s a curious thing.  A woman who will call out another woman for wearing leggings that shows intimate body parts, thinks nothing of wearing a hat in the shape of those same intimate body parts.  Interesting.

What is vulgar?  Webster’s Dictionary defines vulgar as:

1a : lacking in cultivation, perception, or taste : coarse
b : morally crude, undeveloped, or unregenerate : gross
c : ostentatious or excessive in expenditure or display : pretentious
2a : offensive in language : earthy
b : lewdly or profanely indecent
3a : generally used, applied, or accepted

b : understood in or having the ordinary sense

  • they reject the vulgar conception of miracle
  • —W. R. Inge

Maybe it’s age, maybe I have become an overly sensitive mature woman.  Or maybe, God has taught me what is vulgar and what is truly beautiful.
Here’s a photo gallery of what I think is beautiful:

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