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What is vulgar?

There's nothing more beautiful then a baby's smile.  Especially when that baby belongs to you.  This is my daughter on her first birthday.
Scrolling through my Twitter feed, I saw something that I thought was truly vulgar.  I think because it was posted by a young Catholic mom, I was more upset then I would have been if it had been posted by someone else. Long before my conversion, I had a plaque hanging in my bathroom depicting... Read more »

What happened during the time I experienced Eucharistic Adoration

After the door closes the world stays outside.  We come to worship and adore him ...
I haven’t gone to Adoration in quite some time.  The opportunity afforded itself when I attended the SLS18 Conference here in Chicago the week of January 2-6. I settled in, started to pray, journal and just watch the faithful adore Him. What happened during the time I experienced Eucharistic Adoration?  I experienced my faith through... Read more »

Attending the SLS18 FOCUS Conference in Chicago

Here I am waiting for Mass to start on Thursday, January 4.
Blogging has its perks.  I usually get asked to read a book to review, but this time, I got an invitation from Barb Szyszkiewicz, editor at asking if I wanted to attend the SLS18 FOCUS Conference being held here in Chicago. FOCUS is the The Fellowship of Catholic University Students.  They are “a group of people passionate about... Read more »