Random and unrelated topics I should have written crammed into one blog post

My fellow blogger, Howard, over at I’ve Got the Hippy Shakes messaged me the other day and asked if I was still writing for ChicagoNow.  He said it had been two months since my last post.  I hadn’t realized it had been that long!

Howard Moore and me - Photo by Pam Spano

Howard Moore and me – Photo by Pam Spano

Not that there’s nothing to write about.  My fellow blogger, The Friendly Curmudgeon wrote about the Harvey Weinstein scandal and said pretty much what I would have said, but much better.  And of course, there’s all that Catholic stuff going on.

If I’m going to offer up excuses, it would be that I had some deadlines for CatholicMom.com.  I had four articles to write for that site.  Deadlines are a good thing.  I used to write every day for this blog and just decided to stop.  That was a mistake.  I should have decided on a once a week or other timeline to stick to.  When I quit my job I wrote once a week and then, well, I stopped doing that too.

There’s also trying to keep a balancing act between prayer, family, writing, social media, reading and life itself.

Here are four random and unrelated topics I should have written crammed into one blog post:

  1. I might as well add my two cents:  The Harvey Weinstein scandal made my blood boil.  It took me right back to the memory of the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal.  I remember how the left fell all over themselves touting how none of what Bill Clinton did was anybody’s business.  Hillary Clinton wasn’t accountable either in her intimidation of her husband’s victims.  She took “stand by your man” to a whole new level.  In the case of Harvey Weinstein, Jane Fonda’s lame embarrassment and regret that she said nothing about the actions of Weinstein turned my stomach.  These are women who support women?
  2. I’m not into sports.  I only go to the parade when our team wins.  The NFL players kneeling in protest of a country that made them millionaires for playing a game a few months out of the year should get out into the real world.  Kneel on your own time and not on the fans’ dime.
  3. Fr. James Martin, SJ  has been described by some Catholics as a wolf in sheep’s clothing to the point where I find myself cringing.  His latest book, Building a Bridge:  How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity has caused quite a discussion among Catholics.  I haven’t read that book, but I have read Jesus:  A Pilgrimage, which I highly recommend.  I cringe because publicly lashing out at a priest is putting your own soul in jeopardy.  I know, I’ve done it.  Even though I spoke the truth, I should have kept my mouth shut and just prayed for the man.
  4. I have lived in Chicago all my life and the violence has never been this bad.  My neighborhood has changed over the 35 years we have lived here.  It was gang infested in the 90’s and then the gang bangers finally went to jail.  We stuck it out and our reward was our property taxes raised 40% just as my husband plans to retire.  In our neighborhood, we can walk the streets without fear of being randomly gunned down, but other neighborhoods are war zones and no one seems to do anything about it.  I always felt President Obama should have picked up the phone, called Mayor Emanuel and said, “Clean up that mess.  Now!”  Our mayor never mentions the violence.  I’ve noticed another change in our neighborhood that was once a Democratic given in any election.  The last presidential election the signs on the lawns said, “Hillary for Prison 2016.”

Next time, perhaps I’ll write about our lack of civility towards each other online and in the real world and racism.

Thanks Howard for noticing I hadn’t blogged and for inspiring me to write one!  😉

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