I hate that Roger Waters has become the get off my lawn guy

At the last minute, I was gifted with tickets to see Roger Waters at the United Center Friday night.

Here’s a recap of the concert:

Normally I wouldn’t write about a topic like this, but I was put off by the vulgarity and tastelessness of part of the concert that mocked the President.  My son said I should have expected it, but I hate that Roger Waters has become the get off my lawn guy.

The audience seemed to have a mixed reaction.  Some booed, some stared silently (that was mostly my age group that grew up with this music), but a lot of young people cheered and raised their fists.  Did they not realize they made an old, white rich guy even richer?

How do you feel about this?  Does it bother you when an artist uses the concert venue to vent about their politics?

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