This year I participated in Bike The Drive at 65

On Sunday, May 28, I rode my bike in the Bike The Drive event.  This event has been held for the past 16 years.  What it entails, is Lake Shore Drive here in Chicago being closed to traffic from the early morning hours (the ride starts at 5:30 AM) till 11:00 AM when it reopens.

My son and his friends have participated before and for the last two years I have been wanting to join them.  I decided this was the year and we headed out to Kozy’s Cyclery to pick up our packets.  The packets weren’t there (we were able to get those at another location), but the bikes and accessories were, so I hit the clearance racks.

My son’s friend’s girlfriend helped me pick out a pair of bike pants that were on clearance.  If there is one thing that I would recommend to you to purchase before a long ride is this:  “buy the bike pants/shorts.”  The full price was $100.  The pants actually have a cushion on the inside that looks like a bicycle seat.  My back side was completely comfortable the whole ride!  I also got a new helmet.

The next day I dutifully posted my photos on Facebook and one of my friends said the nicest thing anyone could have ever said to me:


I had turned 65 in early May.  The reference was not lost even on me.

Enjoy the photos!

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