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This year I participated in Bike The Drive at 65

The night before the ride, I got my t-shirt and number.  By that time there were already 20,000 registered cyclists!
On Sunday, May 28, I rode my bike in the Bike The Drive event.  This event has been held for the past 16 years.  What it entails, is Lake Shore Drive here in Chicago being closed to traffic from the early morning hours (the ride starts at 5:30 AM) till 11:00 AM when it reopens.... Read more »

A brief history of the Miraculous Medal

First, this is the ring I wear every day.  It has the Hail Mary in Italian all around it.  I "Hail Mary" my way through everything and this ring has been a real comfort to me, especially when I was working!
May is the month dedicated to Mary, Our Blessed Mother.  Though I usually wear my Ave Maria ring every day, during the month of May I will wear one of the four Miraculous Medals I own. What is a Miraculous Medal you ask?  Here is a brief history of the Miraculous Medal: My husband is... Read more »