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Actually Lent doesn't have to be depressing

My son and I went to The Art Institute of Chicago to see their new exhibit, Saints & Heroes.
Like a lot of people, I had a rough start to Lent this year.  I guess Lent shouldn’t be easy, but I discovered that actually Lent doesn’t have to be depressing either. On an exquisitely beautiful Chicago day, I found some Lenten joy: I know … I didn’t take any pictures of the armor (there... Read more »

How I got myself back into Lent this year

My husband and I volunteered to accompany the Stations.  After Mass, I prepared myself for the journey that was to come.  Stations of the Cross is a long standing Lenten tradition.  Participating in Stations every week keeps my focus during Lent.  Photo by Pam Spano taken at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church in Chicago
I wrote a post about how I was just not into Lent this year and Amy from Prayer Wine Chocolate suggested that I work on the sequel, “How I got myself back into Lent this year.” That gave me a lot to think about and as Lent progressed, I found myself drawn deeply into this... Read more »

I am just not into Lent this year

This is the flu bug that was going around.  I didn't have the flu, but I did have pneumonia.  I wonder if I can blame my illness on my lack of enthusiasm for Lent.  Okay, maybe not.  Photo by Pam Spano.
I always have the best intentions when Lent starts out, don’t you?  I try to keep it simple, so that I don’t get overwhelmed or end up just being frustrated, but I am just not into Lent this year. I don’t know why.  I just don’t have any ambition for it.  No excuses, just an... Read more »