Two things I can do this Lent

Two things I can do this Lent
Journal is from Oberon Design - The Roof of Heaven. Photo taken by Pam Spano

Every year I debate about what I’m going to do for Lent.  This year, as I recover from pneumonia, I started checking other Catholic bloggers to see what everyone was planning.

Last year, I focused on my physical health and I hope to get back to that routine before Lent.  Weather and illness has kept me from attending daily Mass, walking my daughter’s dog and just getting out into the world for a long time.  Ugh!  I need fresh air!

I debated about giving up social media, but as Lent approaches, I usually go into panic mode.  I worry about my page and if anyone will still be there when I get back!  Limiting my time on social media seems like a good alternative, so I’m going to look into scheduling that time to work on my page and other blogs.  I can easily stay away from my personal newsfeed.

Besides those things, here are two things I can do this Lent:

  1. Why Prayer Journal? – Amy from Prayer Wine Chocolate came up with this one and it definitely appeals to the writer in me.  Plus I have a beautiful journal from Oberon Design that I’ve never used which will fit right into this!
  2. The 5-Minute Sacrifice for Lent – Sara from To Jesus Sincerely appeals to my “5 minute sacrifice” frame of mind!  Sara gives me the opportunity to look at the every day things that distract me from my focus on all things Lenten and incorporate them into a Lenten penance!

Just two things?  Yep, I’m keeping it simple.  I no longer overload myself with goals that I never reach and books that I forget or don’t even want to finish.  Otherwise, I feel like I gave up on Lent.

What two things are you doing for Lent?

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