The most powerful prayer you can possibly pray

The most powerful prayer you can possibly pray
This is the communion rail at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City during the construction. The church is finished now. Photo taken by Pam Spano (March 2015)

Years ago, I came up with the most powerful prayer you can possibly pray.  It was out of necessity and desperation that I began praying this way.  I wrote about it for and that article was re-published in our February 5, 2017 church bulletin.

Though it is a practice that I do quite regularly, I never put it into any exact words.  Before communion, I would just start rattling off my intention and then I would thank God for the opportunity to offer it up afterward.

A lot of people asked me about that prayer and it’s results, so I thought I would put it in specific words.  The words aren’t written in stone, only a guideline to help you use this prayer for your own intentions.  Trust me, it works.  Here’s how to pray the most powerful prayer you can possibly pray:

(Before Communion)

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit:

Lord, I offer up my communion for – _______ -, that he/she may be healed, body, mind and spirit.  That their stresses and burdens be relieved and that those same stresses and burdens be replaced* with your loving confidence and joy-filled faith.

(Your personal intentions)

I ask all this in your name Lord Jesus.

*I was told years ago that whenever you ask God to take something negative away, you replace it with something positive.  If you feel something else is more appropriate for that person’s need, you can customize the prayer for that person’s circumstance.

Offering up your communion for someone else is a sacrifice and something that could be done during Lent.  I never thought of it till this moment, but it could also be used to pray for someone I need to forgive.

As time went on, and the more I prayed this prayer, I would sometimes wonder about myself and I would ask Our Lord, “to save a little piece for me.”

Does this type of prayer appeal to you?  Let me know if you’ve prayed this prayer and if it worked!


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