Six things I learned while I was sick

Six things I learned while I was sick
Homemade soup from El Potosi Restaurant. Photo taken by Pam Spano

I’m never sick, but recently I caught some unrelenting nastiness that landed me flat on my back for one full day and sick for five.  In my fevered, congested state, I had the time to reflect and learn a few things.  Here are the six things I learned while I was sick:

  1. I love to read, but when I’m sick I have no interest in books whatsoever.  I rarely watch TV, but when I’m sick, I become a TV junkie.  I spent hours watching Hoarders, The Big Bang Theory, Law and Order:  SVU, Dr. Phil and shopping channels.  Shopping channels are the best because I don’t have to pay attention to a story line.  I can open one eye and see if it’s something of interest and then go back into my mucus coma.  I don’t think I bought anything, but I’ll find out in a few days if any packages arrive.  I learned that TV isn’t so bad after all.
  2. I learned I’m overly sensitive.  I was unfriended by someone of no consequence, but I was really upset by it.  Real friends told me it wasn’t worth the thought process as to why, but my fevered, idled brain wouldn’t let it go.  When the fever broke and my nose actually became functional enough to breathe through, I saw their wisdom.  Then I changed my Facebook settings.  Real friends give good advice.
  3. Speaking of real friends:  I learned that real friends bring you homemade chicken soup from El Potosi when you’re sick.  She actually went to the restaurant twice because the soup wasn’t finished.  Now that’s a REAL friend!  Thanks Karen!
  4. The day I was flat on my back, too ill to even move, I realized I couldn’t make supper for my husband.  When he arrived home from work, I managed to croak out that I couldn’t stand up (much less cook) and what was in the fridge that he could make quickly.  Bless his heart, he went into action and had dinner ready fairly quickly.  I still felt guilty.  We’ve been married 35 years and I have always had dinner waiting when he walks in the door.  I always knew I married a good one, but there are days like that day, when I know it for sure.
  5. Like I mentioned before, I’m rarely sick.  I had a Facebook memory from eight years ago that said I actually had to take off work due to illness.  Thank goodness I left my job, otherwise returning to work would have been a nightmare of a trashed desk and half-completed tasks.  Heck, I don’t even miss my former employees!  I learned that life goes on and as Melanie Rigney told me, “Ah, but you are employed… by the Lord.”
  6. I learned that sometimes it’s good that our prayers are not answered.   My over dramatic and persistent pleas to Our Lord to just let me die at the peak of my illness were fortunately not granted.  I am still here and I feel blessed and grateful for my otherwise good health.

I’m still recovering.  I’m weak and my ribs are sore from coughing and blowing my nose, but I’m slowly getting back to my routine.  I can’t walk my daughter’s dog yet, but she’s waiting patiently.  For now, she’ll keep me company under my favorite blanket (Van Gogh’s Bedroom from The Art Institute!) and a little reading (The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion, Introduction to the Devout Life and Iris & Lily).

Layla, my Van Gogh blankie and my Kindle. Photo by Pam Spano

Layla, my Van Gogh blankie and my Kindle. Photo by Pam Spano

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