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Social media has left my heart broken

Social media has left my heart broken
Since the seemingly never ending presidential campaign and when the election was finally over, I have watched people debate and argue on Facebook. Social Media (actually the people in it) has left my heart broken. The worst part is, not only have I lost respect for those I don’t know, but more importantly, I have... Read more »

Need a pick me up? Try #CatholicChic

Anticipation of things to come!
The holidays are over and we’ve settled into a dreary January – at least here in the midwest.  Need a pick me up (or as my daughter and I call it “a tiramisu”)? You may be able to get out of the winter blues by gifting yourself (or someone else) a little something from #CatholicChic (Hashtag... Read more »

The 16 books I read in 2016

After watching the second episode of her A&E series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, I downloaded her book and began reading in tears.  This is a fascinating and painful read as Leah discovers what happens behind the scenes of her church of 35 years and that everything she's ever believed was a lie.
I love to read whether it’s fiction, history, religion or memoir and since I quit my job, I have the time to indulge in one of my favorite activities. Reading spiritual books like The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion and Letita Suk’s Getaway with God is always something I look forward to and plan on as part... Read more »

The day I unintentionally did the smartphone detox

The day I unintentionally did the smartphone detox
The other day I ran out of the house to catch the bus with my oldest son when I realized I left my phone at home.  The bus was coming!  What should I do?  I was so tempted to turn around, go home and get the phone.  They’ll be another bus, right?  The feeling I... Read more »