Adopting a pet blessed our lives

It’s been eight years since our last pet died.  I was not interested in adopting a pet, but our kids were anxious to get another dog.  I had just gone back to work when our dog, Red died and I was not interested in taking care of another animal.  But last week all that changed.

My younger son and my daughter decided it was time to do this on their own and they went to Chicago Animal Care And Control.  They came home with Layla.  Five days later, they came home with Sherry.

My husband and I were okay with one dog, but two?  Layla is 44 lbs, Sherry is, well, Sherry is HUGE!

What my husband and I have discovered in this process is how these two animals have blessed our lives in this short time and the lives of our children.

If you are interested in adopting a pet, please go to Chicago Animal Care And Control for more information.

You can find more prayers for your pet at

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