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Adopting a pet blessed our lives

Red was thrown out of a pick up truck in the alley behind our house.  It took me five days to make friends with her so I could bring her in the house.  Our children were in grade school at the time.
It’s been eight years since our last pet died.  I was not interested in adopting a pet, but our kids were anxious to get another dog.  I had just gone back to work when our dog, Red died and I was not interested in taking care of another animal.  But last week all that changed.... Read more »

My journey of faith told in pictures

My first birthday:  starting out in life.  I wasn't baptized as a baby.  My parents were of different faiths and both had abandoned those faiths.  It took the Lord nearly 30 years to get to my heart.
I’ve come a long way over the years.  Like everyone else, I didn’t realize just how long a way until I started looking at some old photographs. Outwardly, you can’t see when I became Catholic, but when I look at the pictures of myself, I see it in my eyes in tiny increments as I... Read more »