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My new morning commute

Taking Boulevard Bunny's picture did not seem to phase him or her ....
My new morning commute began July 11 one week after I quit my job.  I was anxious to attend daily Mass and to continue my daily walk that I did when I worked. This particular morning on my way to St. John Berchmans, was quiet.  There was hardly any traffic and few people were out... Read more »

The Martyr, Father Jacques Hamel

The Martyr, Father Jacques Hamel
A friend of mine on Facebook posted this article about the murder of Father Jacques Hamel by Islamic state terrorists.  It was the first I had heard of this unspeakable murder. How could anyone slit the throat of an 84 year old priest as he stood at the altar celebrating Mass?  What coward would dare to... Read more »

Bible Journaling: The next phase of my journey

I opened the box and gasped!  The slip cover to this Bible has a beautiful vintage appearance.
I received an email a couple of weeks ago stating that I was “eligible for an electronic credit as part of the Apple Settlement” through Barnes & Noble.  At first I thought it was spam, but a friend of mine received one through Amazon.  I didn’t think too much of it, until I got the... Read more »

The Stations of the Cross

Jesus is condemned to death.  Have you ever felt condemned?  Maybe not to death, but perhaps to an unhappy situation?
I came across the Stations of the Cross at Presence Resurrection Retirement Community quite by accident one Sunday morning.  My husband is the choir director for the 9 AM Mass.  Though I had attended with him several times, I never knew about the beautiful garden and Stations. The Stations of the Cross are practiced during the... Read more »