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Our daughter's graduation: What I learned from the Lutherans

This is the entrance to the church.  I learned that the church doesn't have to be ornate to be reverent.  The starkness added to a peaceful atmosphere.  I've been in minimalist Catholic churches, but for some reason, this seemed different.  We were the only ones in the chapel at the time.
Our daughter graduated from college.  Her father and I are so proud of her!  She’s overcome quite a bit to get there, but she persevered and she didn’t quit.  Her hard work paid off and we were thrilled to watch her “walk.” Our daughter graduated from a Lutheran college.  She had attended a secular college,... Read more »

Honor Your Inner Monk

The app shows you how many days you consistently pray.  With the short prayers, it's easy to spend a minute or two wherever you are to say the prayer.
Honor Your Inner Monk is an app I came across recently.  What I like best about it, is that the prayers are short and to the point.  In a sentence or two, the prayer is thoughtful, helpful and practical.  Most importantly, I find that the prayer sticks with me throughout the day. Too busy to... Read more »