Facebook Memories: On This Day

I’m sure whenever you log into Facebook, you’ve noticed the Facebook Memories: On This Day.  It can either be seen through a friend’s sharing of their memories or there’s a tab on the left of your newsfeed under “Apps” that you can click on and see your own.

Sometimes I wonder what’s in other peoples’ On this Day.  Is it the same political stuff they’re posting now?  Their favorite cause?  They never seem to post anything very personal, so I wonder what their life is really like.

For me, the On this Day has been a bit of a roller coaster.  Some memories are sweet.  One popped up where a fellow blogger here on ChicagoNow was praying for me.  It made my day!  Another was postings of my kids and my husband.  There’s a few from my church.  All happy memories.

Then there are the sad postings.  There was an On This Day where it was the anniversary of making friends with someone who had just recently passed away.  It came at a time when there was a cluster of people who had just died.

Then there was a memory by someone who’s name I hadn’t seen in quite some time in my newsfeed.  I checked out their page to discover I had been unfriended.  At first I couldn’t figure out why.  I subscribe to their Catholic blog and I remember FB and Twitter conversations with them.

It finally came to me that I had unsubscribed to their blog at some point.  I do that periodically.  My emails get out of hand and I just start unsubscribing.  At some point I resubscribe.  Apparently this was something that was worthy of them un-friending me.  It bothered me at first, but since we’ve never met, and the Facebook friendship, was just that, a Facebook friendship, I just let it go.

For the most part, I enjoy the On This Day.  I look forward to seeing the things that I know are coming up.  How about you?  What’s in your On This Day?

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