Pick one day out of the week when we don't criticize people

Pick one day out of the week when we don't criticize people
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May we pick one day out of the week when we don’t criticize people?  Sort of like Throwback Thursday?

Whether we are on the internet or in person, I’ve noticed an increase in the need for people to correct others.  Whether it’s grammar, punctuation, the opinion that someone has the wrong facts, a mispronunciation of a name or any number of things, that people feel the need to critique.  At times, I get it, but more and more I see a need for people to be right.  At all costs.

Years ago, at a retreat, I asked a priest why certain people make me so mad.  He said, “Because they’re holding up a mirror to you.”

I was trying to find a catch phrase to go with one day out of the week to not criticize people, so I looked up antonyms for criticize.

Antonyms for criticize

Did you notice in the link there are more synonyms than antonyms for criticize?  (sigh)

Nothing really jumped out at me, but maybe one of you can come up with something trendy and we can create a movement where one day a week you don’t criticize someone on the internet or in person.  Just smile and let it go.

Or at least wait until the next day.

“When people criticize you … keep walking … don’t turn around … they will soon get tired of shouting.” – Pierre-Luke

Or maybe it’s unavoidable.

“To escape criticism—do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” -William Teacher

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