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What is Advent?

What is Advent?
What is Advent?  According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, it is “the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas and observed by some Christians as a season of prayer and fasting,” and “the coming of Christ at the Incarnation.” “Prayer and fasting.”  In other words, Advent is action.  It’s not a dead space between now and Christmas.... Read more »

Have you tried the new adult coloring books?

I got home from work and I received an email that Crayola was having a sale on  I clicked on the link and I had 14 minutes to go before the sale ends or quantities ran out!  I bought a nature  themed and geometric themed kits for myself.  I was able to go back and get a kaleidoscope themed kit that I sent to the BFF.
Have you tried the new adult coloring books?  You can find them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and even the grocery stores.  I came across them quite by accident and when Crayola had a sale through Amazon, well, I was in. My BFF got me two more books and some gel pens from Costco that should be... Read more »