A message from the bully on Classmates.com

A message from the bully on Classmates.com

Years ago I signed up with Classmates.com but got irritated with the fact that I had to pay for it to access certain information.  I abandoned it and didn’t think much about it.

I still get an occasional email from them which I usually ignore.  The other day I received one and decided to click on the link.  Though limited, I was able to see a message.  I received a message from the bully on Classmates.com.

_________ ________ said:  “Are you there?  Wow … has it been a long time or what?  ______ Ave. was quite the neighborhood.  Hope all is well with you.”


This is the person who called me (and my mother) names.  This is the person who watched as her friend pushed me off a porch.  I fell backwards 6 feet, but was able to break my fall and I wasn’t hurt.  This is the person who physically attacked me on the bus (with a little help from the friends) on the way home from school.  Does this person not remember any of this?

You hope that people change and maybe this person has.  Maybe they were reaching out to see what I would say?

After I took a screen shot of the message, I couldn’t find it again … or that person on the list of my classmates.  Would I have responded?  Would I have asked this person, “Why did you torment me for all those years?  Why did you want to physically harm me?  Why would you want to get in touch with me now?  To apologize?  To pretend it didn’t happen?  I’ll never know.

Her last sentence, “hope all is well with you,” I can answer:  “It is.”

October is National Bullying Prevention Month/STOMP Out Bullying.

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