Touring Chicago's beautiful churches: Notre Dame de Chicago

Our first stop this summer in my continuing series, Touring Chicago’s Beautiful Churches, is Notre Dame de Chicago.   Notre Dame is the “round” church in the “Little Italy” neighborhood.

My husband and I are excited about the churches we will visit this summer.  What I’ve learned from this is that it’s impossible to capture these beautiful churches in pictures that do them justice.  This year I’ve noticed that since we’re not singing, I am people watching.  Though I would love to photograph the faces of the faithful, I know it would be intrusive while they are practicing their faith.

Perhaps after Mass, I could convince a few to let me take their picture.

Notre Dame de Chicago is located at 1334 W. Flournoy in Chicago.  Their phone number is 1-312-243-7400.  Rev. Msgr. Patrick Pollard is the current Pastor.

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