The worst result of the SCOTUS marriage decision

The worst result of the SCOTUS marriage decision
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The worst result of the SCOTUS marriage decision is an article I posted to my Being Catholic … Really page (scroll down to find the article and the comments made) and I got a lot of flack for it.  Some thought I wrote it and became very angry with me.  I didn’t correct them because I agree with what was stated.  I lost a few likes over it too.  That’s happened before so it doesn’t bother me like it used to when I first started blogging.

The crux of the article is:

The worst outcome of our country’s acceptance of gay marriage will be the loss of souls to hell.

Here’s the thing: we will go to hell over this. If you are pro gay marriage, attend a gay wedding and call yourself a Catholic … you have to answer to it.

I’m not sure why this is something no one wants to acknowledge.  This is the first article that I read that actually addressed this.  Have we forgotten about our souls? Have we forgotten about eternity?  Is sex so important now that we are willing to sacrifice going to hell for it?

Out of all the things that I saw this weekend on the internet, this truly broke my heart.  My apologies for subjecting you to it.

The worst result of the SCOTUS marriage decision?  Catholics know the answer.  Or should.

Please pray for all involved.

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