If your spiritual life was a house

If your spiritual life was a house
From DynamicCatholic.com

DynamicCatholic.com’s comparison of my spiritual life as a house caught my attention.  Let me answer the questions:

If my spiritual life were a house, what would it be like?

The first thing that comes to mind is, This Old House.  I am physically healthy, but I find my spiritual life cluttered, unorganized and in desperate need of a remodel.

What part of town would it be in?  What Street would it be on?

This one I get right.  For the last thirty plus years I’ve lived in Avondale.  We have seen great changes in this neighborhood from gang members standing on corners flashing gang signs and wielding bats down the middle of busy streets, to new restaurants and condos popping up every block or so.

Is it need of renovations?

Oh yeah.

Does it need to be completely rebuilt?

Well … probably.  I have a solid night time routine.  Okay, it’s sloppy.  I don’t have a morning routine.  I do pray throughout the day especially when things aren’t going well.  My daily “commute” (I walk) to and from work sometimes turns into a mash of different prayers.

Years ago, I would dream of a house that we lived in.  I can describe it in great detail, and I drew a floor plan for my husband.  Architecturally, it makes no sense at all.  Some of the rooms would be crammed with antique furniture and the dressers and end tables would be filled with trinkets and costume jewelry.  Occasionally, I still dream of it.

If your spiritual life was a house what would your answers be?

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