Have you come out as Catholic?

Have you come out as Catholic?
Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

Have you come out as Catholic?  What I mean is, do people know you are a church attending, community involved, saint-loving, magisterium following Catholic?

My family and friends obviously know, but I recently had an experience at work where my faith was shouted from the rooftop.  It felt great!

After a coworker related some interesting experiences, I decided he needed a little help from some friends and provided him with a selection of handpicked prayer cards of specific saints.  I knocked on the doorjamb of his office, laid the cards on his desk and said, “This is all you’ll ever need.”

He smiled and giggled, but as I walked away, I saw him put them in his pocket.

My work, may or may not be done.  We’ll see.

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