Where are you going for summer vacation?

Where are you going for summer vacation? My only plans this summer will be to continue my series, “Touring Chicago’s Beautiful Churches. My daughter and I went to New York City in March, so I’m financially tapped out for another vacation.

Busted Halo has some great suggestions to visit Catholic sites this summer:

But if you can’t afford the trip to Europe or even to another state, you can probably find something in your neighborhood. The Catholic Churches.

The summer of 2014, my husband and I were able to go to a different church every week for Mass.  That turned into my series, “Touring Chicago’s beautiful churches.”

It was an experience we both enjoyed so much.  If you ever get the chance, wherever you live, visit the churches in your area.  They all tell their own story of history and faith.

This summer I will be continuing the series.  If you have suggestions for a parish you would like me to visit, please contact me!

Where are you going for summer vacation?

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