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My prayer card obsession

St. Laura Montoya
Prayer cards have been a Catholic tradition going back to the 1400’s in Europe.  As a convert, I was aware of prayer cards and have had a few over the years.  However, now I’ve become obsessed with them. My prayer card obsession can be blamed on Melanie Rigney.  Melanie surprised me by sending me a... Read more »

Where are you going for summer vacation?

Where are you going for summer vacation? My only plans this summer will be to continue my series, “Touring Chicago’s Beautiful Churches. My daughter and I went to New York City in March, so I’m financially tapped out for another vacation. Busted Halo has some great suggestions to visit Catholic sites this summer: But if... Read more »

In the aged is prudence

In the aged is prudence: “In antiques best prudent!” “In antiques est prudent!  In the aged is prudence, and do you know why? Because they have had experience, and have fallen many times and then walk more steadily, they take greater heed where they place their feet; and most of all when they find themselves in that... Read more »

Dear Sister Helen Prejean you are wrong about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Dear Sister Helen Prejean, You are wrong about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  He is not “genuinely sorry” about the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  He is not sorry about killing and maiming people. With all due respect Sister, you saw in him what he wanted you to see.  He used his boyish looks to manipulate you.  I understand... Read more »

I need a prayer for my mother on Mother's Day

I saw this quote from Abby Johnson and started thinking about something totally unrelated: If you are a Christ follower but also hate abortion clinic workers or abortionists, then the Bible says that you are guilty of murder. We won’t win this battle unless we learn to love better. If you have hate in your heart,... Read more »

Outside Magic

The warmer weather has finally arrived and getting outside will be my priority.  I’m looking forward to a summer of long walks, long bike rides and anything else that entails breathing fresh air.  I can’t wait for our annual trip to Ravinia, neighborhood summerfests and all that summer brings. I started walking on a regular... Read more »