In the aged is prudence

In the aged is prudence: “In antiques best prudent!”

“In antiques est prudent!  In the aged is prudence, and do you know why? Because they have had experience, and have fallen many times and then walk more steadily, they take greater heed where they place their feet; and most of all when they find themselves in that age which is nearing death, they pray God for mercy, and thank God moreover that they did not die in their sins, and that they have had time to return to Him.” St. Bernardine of Siena

Yes, in the aged is prudence.  The older I get the more aware of this I have become.  I have had experience, and I have fallen many times and then I walk more steadily.  I take greater heed where I place my feet; and most of all when I find myself nearing death, I pray for God’s mercy.  I thank God that I will not die in my sins and that I have had time to return to Him.

This past birthday has had me thinking more about death, but not in a morbid way.  I’ll be blessed to have twenty more years and even more blessed if I’m in good health.  Maybe it wasn’t the birthday so much as learning about childhood friends who are my age and have already passed on.  Even though I have not seen them in many years, their passing hit me hard and I didn’t expect it. Were we supposed to live forever?

In my mind, yes.  I remember vividly playing with our toys, going to each other’s houses, listening to music and picking our favorite Beatle.  We shared our first crushes and argued with the older siblings.  Life was going to go on just like that. It didn’t.

One died peacefully in her sleep, a shock to her family.  It was to me even though I found out over a year later.  She was one of the sweeter girls from my class.  I angrily thought to myself, “Why couldn’t it have been the one who bullied me?”  Awful, I know.  However, some of the people who comment on my posts think I’m awful anyway.

In the aged is prudence, but in the aged is also faith.  My years of being a Catholic has changed me dramatically.  As I near death, I am grateful that I found that faith and I thank God that I will not die in my sins.

“I am not dying, I am entering into Life.” St.Thérèse of Lisieux

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