What are you doing for Lent?

What are you doing for Lent?  Will you give up chocolate?  Will you give up wine (or whine)?  Will you remember to not eat meat on Fridays?  Will you read that classic Catholic book you’ve been promising yourself that you would read for years?

Or will you have the best Lent ever?

I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  I always have such high expectations of what I want to accomplish.  I sometimes give up chocolate.  I don’t drink that much, so giving up wine wouldn’t really matter (and I haven’t whined since I was a little kid).  I have picked up that classic Catholic book, only to leave it on the nightstand with the bookmark in the first chapter for the rest of Lent.

In past Lenten seasons, I’ve attended weekday Mass on my days off.  After Mass, I’ve stayed for the rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and a bunch of other prayers.  Mass was 1/2 hour, the prayers lasted another hour!  I enjoy attending weekday Mass.  For me, it gives pause to the busyness of the rest of the week.  There’s a wonderful peacefulness to a weekday Mass that isn’t there for me at the Vigil or Sunday Mass.

The past three years, my husband and I have attended The Stations of the Cross at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church.  We have also sung the Benediction during Lent.  Out of all the things that I’ve done during Lent, that one is the most rewarding to me.

This year I’m going to do things differently.  I’m going to prepare for Lent.  I’m going to pray and think about what I want to do that will be different from previous Lenten Seasons.

What about you?  What are you doing for Lent?

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