My fear of flying

At the end of this month, I will be going to New York with my daughter for nine days!  My daughter is friends with a family that she used to babysit for here in Chicago.  When they moved to New York last summer, they invited her to come stay with them.  It was a “working vacation.”  She helped with the kids, but during her time off she became a tourist.  It was amazing to get her texts and pics as she navigated that humongous city all by herself!

I’ve never been to New York and I’m so excited … except for one thing.  My fear of flying. I haven’t been on a plane in over 30 years and just the thought of getting on one makes my heart thump and crash in my chest and the hot flashes turn into tidal waves of sweat. Then the nausea kicks in.

I’ve already had two panic attacks over this when I realized I have to do something. The first thing I’ve decided to do is to pray the rosary every night. I had gotten out of the habit and I really felt I was being called to go back to it. Whenever I’m afraid, I “Hail Mary” my way through it.

I need your help, my dear readers. What else can I do to ease my fear of flying? A friend suggested I have a glass of wine before getting on the plane, but we’re leaving at 6 AM in the morning and I don’t think my stomach will be up for a drink.

What do you do to face your fears? What prayers or saints have gotten you through a time when you were afraid?

All suggestions would be appreciated. And your prayers for me are welcome, too.

New York, here I come!

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