Are you friends with your boss on Facebook?

Are you friends with your boss on Facebook?  My boss and I had this discussion the other day.  Fortunately, we both agree that we will not be friends on Facebook.

We’ve both seen our names in the “people you may know” on our news feeds.  I have no idea how Facebook knew that we knew each other because I’m not friends with anyone that I work with.  There’s a real good reason for that and you are looking at it.

Yep, the reason is my blog.  It is my secret life.  My friends and family know about it, but I never told anyone I work with about it.  I am vocal at work about my church attendance and music ministry.  People are usually mildly interested in that or I get a blank stare.  I understand that not everyone practices their faith or volunteers at their church.  I suppose telling them that I write about my faith could make me look like a complete religious nut.  (For the record, I’m an incomplete religious nut.  I’m a work in progress.)

I have a plan of strategy toward my coworkers.  I try very had to get along with everyone to make the work environment as pleasant as possible.  That doesn’t mean I’m going drinking afterwards with my coworkers and sharing my life story, only to return to work and find out that now everyone knows my life story.  Once I find out who the gossips are, avoidance is my strategy of choice.

I like my boss.  We get along well and I feel fortunate that I’m in the work environment that I’m in.  Neither one of us wants to be in a position where we are relating to another person what we’ve seen about each other on Facebook.

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