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Looking back at the year 2014

Looking back at the year 2014, I realize how blessed I am.  I know so many people who have gone through so much this year.  Illness, divorce, and horrific family problems.  I feel like I got out of the way of the speeding train as it barreled along the track.  Everything that happened to them,... Read more »

A Birthday Card for Jesus

Dear Jesus Our Savior … this is kind of hard Today is Your Birthday, should we write You a card? But where do we start?  And what can we say? On This Your Great Feast, that we call Christmas Day We can say “Welcome Home,” that is how we’ll begin Because when You were born, there... Read more »

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I have never written a letter to you before. Growing up, I never believed in you.  According to my parents, at the age of three, I discovered them putting presents under the tree.  They saw no need to make excuses so that was that. Christmas lost its magic.  I wasn’t a Christian either... Read more »