Why would you want to shop on Thanksgiving Day?

I wrote this last year.  My worst fears have come true!  Many stores are opening Thanksgiving Day.

Why would you want to shop on Thanksgiving Day?

I have never been a fan of shopping on Black Friday so I can’t imagine shopping on Thanksgiving Day.  I’ve only gone once and that cured me forever.  I consider myself the Queen of Shopping, but I will not fight crowds in the stores or in the parking lot to score a deal.  Can you say internet?

This is the part I truly don’t understand.  Shopping on the internet gets easier and easier.  From the convenience of my living room, I can compare prices of the things I’m looking for and get made in America.

Now that there’s talk of Black Friday being preceded by Black Thursday, I think there’s a collective gasp being heard.  This is the part I really love:  even non-religious people agree with this.

We have a day set aside for family and gratitude, where most people can take time from their schedules and just be grateful for our lives and the the people we share it with.  And what do the retailers want to do?  Turn it into another shopping day.  You can almost hear the old cash register sound in the background.

As consumers we can stop this.  We can send the retailers a strong message.  Don’t shop on Thanksgiving.  Don’t even shop on the internet.  Stay home and celebrate your friends, your family and all that food!

For Catholics and Christians, we’ll sing in gratitude to God:

All that we have, and all that we offer
Comes from a heart both frightened and free
Take what we bring now, and give what we need
All done in His name.

Verse 1:

Some would rely on their power
Others put trust in their gold
Some have only their Savior
Whose faithfulness never grows old.

Verse 2:

Sometimes the road may be lonesome
Often we may lose our way
Take courage and always remember
Love isn’t just for a day.

Verse 3:

Sometimes when troubles are many
Live can seem empty, it’s true
But look at the life of the Master
Who lovingly suffered for you.


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