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My least favorite time of year

My least favorite time of year is when the political ads on TV and phone calls incessantly fill my life.  Facebook is filled with everyone’s opinion on politics and my head starts to hurt and then explode. There are many pro-life voices in the world, but none as eloquent as Dr. Alveda King. Please “pray... Read more »

The two videos that rendered me speechless

The two videos that appear below, rendered me speechless and in total awe of the God given talents that people have. Sister Cristina was the winner of the Italian version of The Voice a while back. Her album is coming out soon. Friar Gabriel has many talents. Singing and skateboarding being two of them. You... Read more »

You can go home again

There’s an old saying, “you can’t go home again,” but I have many times.  I live just a few blocks from where I was raised and sometimes when I go on my walk, I visit the neighborhood where I grew up. Come walk with me: I hope you enjoyed our little walk and I hope you... Read more »

Being Bullied

I wrote this piece three years ago, but I thought it appropriate to publish it again.  Being bullied can stay with a child for years. October is a crowded month.  Hispanic Heritage and Breast Cancer Awareness is but two of the many causes being touted.  It is also Bullying Prevention Month.  Something I know a little bit about. All... Read more »

Do you go to confession?

Do you go to confession?  Do you still go to a priest one on one?  Or do you just do the Communal Confession at Mass? One of my Facebook followers sent me this message: Hi there,Been trying to find some pages “Catholic related” came across yours.  I am in my late 40’s raising Catholic children in... Read more »

Come Sunday

Come Sunday is the classic song written by Duke Ellington and performed in the video with Mahalia Jackson. If you are a certain age, like I am, you remember a time when everything was closed on Sunday. I mean everything.  You couldn’t get a gallon of milk or eggs.  You couldn’t even buy anything at... Read more »

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves is one of those iconic songs that transcends generations.  Fall has always been my favorite season.  Leaves remind me of my father. I was visiting him in the hospital on one occasion.  He was in the Intensive Care Unit.  Back then, there were many beds surrounding a nurses station with only curtains for... Read more »