Being Bullied

I wrote this piece three years ago, but I thought it appropriate to publish it again.  Being bullied can stay with a child for years.

October is a crowded month.  Hispanic Heritage and Breast Cancer Awareness is but two of the many causes being touted.  It is also Bullying Prevention Month.  Something I know a little bit about.

Me at 3.  How awesome are those red shoes?

All through grade school and high school I was bullied.  I guess I could list the “usual” reasons why I was bullied.  I was small for my age, I was scared and cried easily when I was picked on, but there were other factors involved, too.

My mother didn’t allow me to bathe for several weeks.  I washed my hair maybe once a year.  I was not allowed to wear clean clothes or deodorant.  Even adding those factors to the mix, I don’t think you can imagine what I went through.

Me at 6 with "Lady."  Apparently I didn't own a mirror at this time.  Good thing this photo is in B&W!  Those plaids together will make you dizzy!

Over the years the name calling escalated into physical violence.  I was pushed off a five foot porch.  I was able to break my fall somehow and I wasn’t injured.  I was physically attacked on the bus coming home from school.  I knew then that I might die if this kept up.

I called the police and they notified my school.  I was never bothered again.  It took years for me to truly recover.


Yes, the little girl in the pictures is smiling.  The Lord blessed me even back then with a happy outlook.

Thumbnail image for me 2.jpg

I’m still known for my smile.

I didn’t want to write about this because it’s still so painful that I can’t really express it.  My hands are shaking a bit and I’m trying not to cry.  It was a long time ago.  It shouldn’t still hurt.  But maybe my smile is the best revenge.

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