Touring Chicago's beautiful churches: St. Michael in Old Town

St. Michael in Old Town is the fifth in my series of touring Chicago’s beautiful churches.  My husband and I have been there once before and we were looking forward to our second visit.

I also have a personal connection to this very old and historic church.  My maternal grandparents were married here sometime in the early 1900’s.  The writing on the back of some of the photos I have is a bit faded.

Because this church is so rich in history I would encourage you to go to their web site.  Their journey has been one of the longest in Chicago.  Tours are available every Sunday at 10:00 AM or you can arrange a private tour by emailing

St. Michael in Old Town is located at 1633 N. Cleveland Ave. here in Chicago.  Their phone number is 1-312-642-2498.  The current pastor is Rev. Thomas Santa, CSs.R.

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