The Examen by Ignatius Loyola

The Examen by Ignatius Loyola is a simple form of prayer that is designed as a guide for inner reflection.  I kept running across it on the internet, so I’m assuming I need a little inner reflection.

I shouldn’t be surprised by this.  God has a way of giving me what I need.  Lately my place of work has become a battle zone where our once happy family of co-workers has turned into just that, a battle zone among ourselves.

Why are we sniping at each other?  Why has our once peaceful coexistence become tense?  The answer?  The new boss.  In less than a week of her arrival all hell has broken lose.  Her favorite phrase seems to be “or I will take disciplinary action.”

In the past, when I’ve been in situations where I haven’t gotten along with co-workers, I’ve used the “avoidance” technique.  Sometimes it was easy to avoid someone I didn’t get along with, but when I couldn’t do that, I would pray for that person on my way to work or while I had a fleeting moment to myself in the bathroom.  I would then feel a strength and peacefulness in facing someone who was difficult.

How do you handle difficult co-workers or a difficult boss? Do you have a favorite prayer you use to calm yourself? Let me and others know in the comment section or on my Facebook page.

Looking at the Examen by Ignatius Loyola makes me smile.  It’s everything I need to cope with this new situation.

Or I’ll put in for a transfer.

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