Touring Chicago's beautiful churches: St. Andrew Parish

What are you doing this summer?  My husband and I are touring Chicago’s beautiful churches.

A while back I wrote about our choir being on hiatus for the summer.  Our first stop on our summer tour of churches is St. Andrew Parish.

When I was growing up (and not Catholic) we lived in St. Andrew’s parish.  Back then the Church seemed to play a much larger role in the community.  Whether you were Catholic or not, you attended all the festivities held at the church.

The neighbors would often attend First Communions, the May Crowning and all social events that the church held.  My friends would sing at the Midnight Mass at Christmas and as kids we roller skated at St. Andrew’s gym on Friday afternoons.

The church has been remodeled since I was a child.  I remember everything was green!  Green carpeting and green walls.

My husband and I started attending their 4 PM Saturday evening Mass several years ago.  Music consists of a cantor and a pianist.  The early time is perfect for us.  We went out for dinner after Mass and we were home by 5:30!

St. Andrew’s is located at 3546 N. Paulina and their phone number is 773-525-3016.  Fr. Sergio Romo is the current pastor.  St. Andrew’s also has a Facebook page which can be found here.

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