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Going Digital for His Kingdom

From a press release I received from Vision of Twelve: Going Digital for His Kingdom is a faith based organization designed to experience God’s renewal and transformation with digital media conferences from Vision of Twelve, LLC. The Going Digital for His Kingdom conference series will take place in Chicago (June 23-25), Washington, D.C. (August 11-13), Nashville... Read more »

The Jesus Book Club Conversation

I found the Jesus Book Club Conversation the other day and it took me about ten seconds to decide to sign up and purchase Fr. Martin’s book, Jesus:  A Pilgrimage (also available on Kindle). I love to read and I love to talk about the books I’ve read.  I used to belong to Women on the Edge... Read more »

How do you evangelize?

How do you evangelize?  Do you wave a bible in someone’s face?  Do you quote scripture in every conversation?  Do you tout the Catholic Church at every opportunity? Before I converted, any of the above techniques was an immediate turn off for me.  The people who were attempting to get me to know Jesus were... Read more »

Would you want your Facebook page memorialized?

Would you want your Facebook page memorialized?  Would you want it frozen in time forever?  Or would you want it deleted? As an administrator of a page, I would want my Being Catholic … Really page to continue and my daughter would be the perfect choice to do that if she’s willing.  I don’t really... Read more »

Walking With the Enemy

Walking With the Enemy is a new film that was released on April 25.  I was invited to a viewing, but unfortunately I was ill and couldn’t make it. Holocaust Remembrance Week began April 27 and will end May 4. May 6 is Israeli Independence Day. Walking With the Enemy is the inspiring true story of... Read more »