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My favorite Halloween costume growing up as a kid was Rin Tin Tin.  Looking back on my Halloween memories, I can’t even remember any other costume I wore.

It was a cheap nylon body suit that looked vaguely like a dog’s body.  The tail was not the beautiful bushy tail that “Rinty” was known for, but a long skinny piece of nylon.  It also came with the crappy mask of Rin Tin Tin’s face.  I could barely breathe or see.  This was the 50’s people.

I wore that costume for the first time when I was six and I wore if for several years after that.  I was small for my age.

That Halloween costume held good memories for me.

One neighbor on our block made homemade popcorn balls the size of a baseball.  We would go to her house first.  You were allowed one (I have no idea how she kept track of all those kids), but toward the end of the day, if she had any left, you could have another.

When my kids were growing up, the “tampered candy” started to become more of a concern.  Razor blades in fruit and other creative ways were used to hurt kids.  Stern warnings to my children before they left not to eat ANYTHING until it could be checked became part of our Halloween ritual.

While in Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago, I ran across the Rin Tin Tin book you see in the featured picture on the bargain table.  I’ve gone digital several years ago and I try really, really hard not to buy “real books,” but the memories of Rin Tin Tin and my favorite Halloween costume came flooding back and I couldn’t resist.

What Halloween costume was your favorite when you were a child?

Have a Happy Halloween!

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