Do Christians have a serious illness called ideology?

Do Christians have a serious illness called ideology? Pope Francis seems to think so. Pope Francis described “ideological Christians having a serious illness within the Church:”

He’s right of course. We create a fear-based religion and no one sees our joy!

There’s a lot of us who get wrapped up in the rules, the dogma, the catechism and lose touch with our relationship with Jesus Christ and His teachings.

It is through prayer that we maintain our relationship with Our Lord, but even that can be dragged down in “ideology.”

I pray the rosary every night and most nights, it seems to me, I’ve finished a “sloppy rosary.” My mind has wandered and by the end of the decade, I can’t even remember which mystery I’m to meditate on next. But I keep praying it.

I’m glad our Pope is making people think. That’s what a leader should do. I’m glad that non-Catholics are thinking about what he says and talking about it.

More importantly, I’m glad the Pope is calling out Catholics and reminding them what our faith is really about.

My thanks to The Woodland Wonder who writes I Hate My Developer here on ChicagoNow for posting the video on her personal Facebook page.

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