How Should Catholics Respond to the Supreme Court Marriage Decision?

How should Catholics respond to the Supreme Court marriage decision?  After reading articles on both sides of the issue, I thought my brain would either explode or leak out of my ears. I was beginning to get more and more confused.

The article The Catholic Activists Behind Edie Windor’s DOMA Victory by Jamie L. Manson that appeared in the Huffington Post’s Religion section caused quite the stir on my Facebook page and cost me a few likes.  I’m not sure if the involvement of Catholics made people angry or the article in general.

Then I came across Kathryn Jean Lopez’ article entitled, Let Freedom Ring! – A Catholic Response to the Marriage Decisions.  This particular paragraph truly spoke to me:

The men and women of the world need to know they have a Heavenly Father who loves every single one of us with an endless mercy. Christ walks with us, if only we let Him. The Holy Spirit will guide our every action, if we will only be open and devote ourselves to listening. The men and women of the world need to encounter the Trinity, this union of love which is actual love. The union of marriage is meant to be in union with this Trinity. Trinitarian love is real love. And it’s as if so many of us are sitting at the next table, not seeing the joy that awaits us right within our reach. It’s like the scene at many an American restaurant today, where the people are physically present but not truly present to one another, as they are busily talking elsewhere, on their iPads and smartphones, never to look up, never to see what or who is in front of them. We’ve got to let the Divine light of mercy shine so bright in our lives to make this proposal unmistakable and magnetic.

Ms. Lopez’ insightful article turned the light on for me, and I was grateful for that, but St. Coffee’s Daily Pew did it best:

Me: God, I am choosing not to be a smart-butt and antagonize people who are gloating on here and in public. It’s hard to see people I love thumbing their nose at you. Forgive them. You know their hearts, as you know mine so I won’t judge. I trust you. But I wanna say something so bad and…
God: Zip it, kid! I got this.

Took the words I wish I had right out of my mouth.

Please check out my next post on Sunday which will be about the Gay Pride Parade here in Chicago. I have a great story to share.

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