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Heather King, an ex-barfly, ex-lawyer and Catholic convert weighs in on the Catholic blog comment box

I am a big fan of Heather King’s blog, SHIRT OF FLAME.  Heather’s own description of herself is simple and candid:  I’m an ex-barfly, ex-lawyer, Catholic convert with three memoirs …”  Heather comes from a place that few people survive and her writing reflects that.  It’s sometimes raw, sometimes sweet, but always thought-provoking. The other... Read more »

Are we all going to hell in a hand basket?

Just looking at Scott Stantis’ cartoon not only leaves me “shaking my head,” but wondering what the world is coming to?  Are we all going to hell in a hand basket perhaps? In the news there has been the Gosnell trial, the Boston Bombings and Jason Collins‘ epic outing.  Here in Chicago we had the heinous murder of... Read more »