Mother's Day 2013 and the Celebration of Mary

Mother’s Day 2013 is only a few days away.  It brings to mind that as Catholics we celebrate the month of May in dedication to Mary.  I remember even as a little, non-Catholic girl, that May belonged to Mary!

For me personally, Our Blessed Mother was just what I needed.  I was terrified to have children and pass down what was done to me onto them.  Learning to pray the rosary during my first pregnancy and continuing to pray it through my second and third, I learned to become a mother.  After a long time away from it, I am back to praying it every day.

It wasn’t always easy and I cringe over certain memories of my behavior with my children.  What’s interesting is that when it came time to take care of my mother, I felt Jesus’ Mother’s presence through every phase of that time in my life, too.  It was extraordinary!

Here are some daily devotions that you can do for the rest of this month from Magnificat’s Year of Faith Companion (currently only available on Kindle and Nook):

On Sundays:  O Mary, the Immaculate Conception, you are the New Eve.  All that Adam and Eve longed for – and tried to steal from God – you give to us as the Mother of God.  May we share in your holiness by our union with you.

On Mondays:  At your nativity, O Blessed Virgin, the way by which earth will be united to heaven is born.  By the grace of your birth, we are led away from our slavery, and are blessed with holy joy.

On Tuesdays:  May we live every day, O Blessed Virgin Mary, the miracle of the Annunication.  United with you, may our life be a constant Yes to the presence of the Word made flesh.  May we turn with our yearning to the humanity of God.

On Wednesdays:  O Mother of God, may we experience through you all the graces of the Visitation:  you bring Jesus close to us; we rejoice with new life; your Magnificat be comes our hope.

On Thursdays:  O Blessed Mother, God chose you to offer his fatherly love more generously to the world.  You are the Mother of the Life by which we live – Jesus.  He leads us to you.  Through your maternal mediation, all things are made new.

On Fridays:  Our Lady of Sorrows, your presence at the cross instills a grace that displaces horror.  Your faith contains a light greather than any darkness in my heart.  Be with me in my Calvary.

On Saturdays:  O Blessed Lady assumed into heaven, give me the ability to await God’s future and to abandon myself to the Lord’s promises.

– Father Peter John Cameron, O.P.

“Let Mary never be far from your lips or heart. With her support, you will never fall. Beneath her protection, you will never fear. Under her guidance, you will never tire. And with her help. You will reach your heavenly goal.”
-St Bernard of Clairvaux

Below is a short gallery of pictures, from a “special homecoming” to my birthday celebration.


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