Learning to Ride a Bike Again

At sixty-one years of age, I’m learning to ride a bike again! I haven’t ridden a bike in about fifteen years, so this should get interesting.

My new found interest came about when one of my daughter’s friends left her bike at our house for nearly a year. Just as I had it cleaned, oiled and ready to ride, she picked it up. Little rugrat.

Now what? Well, I had been thinking about purchasing a bike for a long time, so I started the online search. It wasn’t going well. I just got more and more confused. So I enlisted the help of #2 son and we headed for Walmart.

Not much of a selection, but I learned my first very important lesson. I’m an adult. I should have a 26 in. bike, right? Wrong! The 24 in. fit me perfectly. I could stand with my feet on the ground, the seat right under me and, gee, I wasn’t afraid of falling off of it!

Next stop was Dick’s Sporting Goods. More selection, bigger price tag. More than I wanted to spend, minus the $50 gift card #2 son had given me for my birthday. I learned about the frame size here as opposed to tire size which confirmed that I needed to purchase a smaller bike.

Third stop was Tarjay. The expression, “the third time is the charm,” turned out to be true. After checking out sizes, we found a 24 in girls Schwinn. I took a spin around the department and fell in love. I was 12 years old again and I was getting a new bike!

My new bike

I got the all important cell phone case holder and a padded seat cover.
A few days later I got the most important accessory:  the helmet, which of course, matches my bike perfectly!


I already had the app MapMyWalk which I was using for my walks. There’s a free version also. Since I’ve gotten the bike, I’ve ridden about seven miles in a little less than a week. I’m trying to start slowly, because, um, my butt gets sore!

Next year I hope to join my son and his friend and do Bike the Drive. Well, at least a small part of it.

Return from Bike the Drive

Queen’s song has been in my head for over a week. It’s not a bad thing. 😉

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