Easter Sunday 2013 the Pews Will be Filled

Easter Sunday 2013 the pews will be filled with fresh faces that haven’t been inside of church since, well probably Christmas.  And unfortunately, by the following week, they will be gone.

So how do we, as regular Mass attending Catholics, get them to become returning Catholics?  It’s frustrating isn’t it?  Especially for family members and friends that we love.  We want them to have what we have and that’s to be in full communion with the Church.  Can we do that within the one hour of Easter Sunday Mass?

We can try.  In Melanie Rigney’s article she talks about returning to Church and feeling awkward.  No one greeted or smiled at her and her sister so they stopped going.  I think I’ve been to that parish.

Sometimes it’s all that it takes.  A smile.  A friendly hello.  My daughter attended a parish where she spotted a couple of guys walking around “like they owned the place.”  Of course they never acknowledged her when she walked in.  They still don’t, but she goes because the one priest gives great homilies and that in itself can be a great gift!

My husband and I sing every Saturday so we are very visible.  When I see a new face, I try to catch that person’s eye and smile and say hello.  After Mass, I try and thank them for coming and add, “I hope to see you next week!”

St. Thérèse Chinese Catholic Church is one of three parishes in the Chicago area that holds Landings meetings for returning Catholics.  If you or anyone you know is a Catholic looking for a safe environment to return to Church, please call  1-(312)-842-6777 and ask for Sr. Anji or Cita for more information.

As Catholics, let’s make Easter Sunday 2013 the year that those who return just for the holiday, return on April 7 and through the year.

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