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Is Mass Boring?

                      Is Mass boring?  Do you find your mind wandering?  The homily lacks fire?  The music is … well, shall we say, lacking?  Do you find yourself suddenly back to reality and the homily is over and you have no idea what the priest just said?... Read more »

Prayer for Our Priests

Please take a moment and pray for our priests today. Pray for the good ones, the bad ones and the indifferent ones. A Prayer for Priests By St. Thérèse of Lisieux O Jesus, eternal Priest, keep your priests within the shelter of Your Sacred Heart, where none may touch them. Keep unstained their anointed hands,... Read more »

What Are You Giving up for Lent?

What are you giving up for Lent?  Are you giving up candy?  Chocolate in particular?  TV?  The Internet (gasp!)?  Or are you going to add something?  Maybe spending more time in prayer, attending Stations of the Cross or Eucharistic Adoration? One year my daughter gave up Facebook.  For a twenty-something, this is tough.  And to... Read more »

The Landings Program at St. Thérèse Chinese Catholic Church

I have the privilege of being part of the Landings program at St. Thérèse Chinese Catholic Church for the past couple of weeks.  We have one “returning” Catholic who is participating in the program.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but we didn’t expect a large participation.  And since this is our first time conducting this program, it makes it... Read more »

What is Sexagesima Sunday?

What is Sexagesima Sunday? According to, “Sexagesima Sunday is the second Sunday before the start of Lent, which makes it the eighth Sunday before Easter. Traditionally, it was the second of three Sundays (Septuagesima is the first and Quinquagesima is the third) of preparation for Lent.” Got all that? Now we just call it “Ordinary Time.” For... Read more »

Super Bowl Sunday with Scott Hahn

While you are preparing to watch the Super Bowl today, take a few minutes and reflect on today’s readings with Scott Hahn. This is from today’s Magnificat (and so true!): The people who hear Jesus preach in the synagogue are amazed at his gracious words.  Yet they insist on measuring him according to their own sub-par... Read more »

Fr. Barron on Eucharistic Adoration

The practice of Eucharistic Adoration is something all Catholics should consider. It is time well spent. As Fr.Barron points out, some of the greatest Catholics of our time have spent hours in Eucharistic Adoration. Lent is fast approaching. This is usually when we “give up” things such as certain foods or maybe the television or... Read more »

Archbishop Gomez Removes Cardinal Mahoney from His Duties in the Los Angeles Archdiocese

Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles  has removed Cardinal Roger Mahoney from all public duties in the archdiocese as reported in the Los Angeles Times last night. Archbishop Gomez also sent out a statement concerning releasing the files of the priests in the Los Angeles diocese who were sexually abusing children. This scandal has been brewing since... Read more »

The Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross (also known as Via Crucis, and Via Dolorosa), is a prayer practice among Catholics and Christians that follow the way to the cross that Jesus took. More commonly prayed during the Fridays of Lent, “The Stations” can be said any time and you don’t necessarily have to go to church to pray... Read more »