Our Daughter's Reflections on Lent

Our daughter had her reflections on Lent as her status on her Facebook page the other day:

“When I was a kid Lent was so simple.  I gave up sweets every year and got a break on Sundays.  Now that I’m older I’ve realized why we practice this gloomy season.  We have to take time to ourselves and let go of the toxins that bring us down so that we can become better people.  Of course cleansing our body of the toxins sweets and junk food give us is great. But maybe we need to dig a little deeper and cleanse our soul.  Maybe we need a little more patience, maybe better thoughts, maybe kinder actions.  Hopefully at the end of this Lenten season I gain a little more knowledge about myself and life …  And maybe gain some peace and happiness on another level.  Be productive this Lent.  Don’t let it go to waste.”

I, of course, shared it as my status on my Being Catholic … Really Facebook page.  Needless to say, it was a big hit among my readers!

So how does a 22 year old woman come to think like this?  Her dad and I aren’t sure despite the fact that we raised her.

Our sons rarely attend Mass, but our daughter makes a point to go every week.  She prefers to go alone, though occasionally she will go with us.  She finds that if someone is with her (especially friends) she’s distracted.  She also has her preferences as to time and church.

Hey, whatever works!

I’ve tried to get her to write blog posts for me after we’ve had conversations about our faith, but she always tells me that she speaks better than she writes.  Would you mind encouraging her for me?

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